By Saxysax


a bumble doing the rounds in the garden today.

a funny old grey rainy day - it feels like summer has finished.
Managed a long morning run and managed to avoid the rain - just.
School work with Q went well.
Indie had her classroom video chat.
Z took Q and Indie to meet one of Q's friends for a walk (the kids have not seen any of their friends since 2 weeks before lockdown). the friend couldn't arrive because of car trouble so they drove over and chatted on the drive way.  Q seemed very happy with this.
This meant that i had an hour and a bit to myself at home - first time for yonks.  I put on the telly and watched something in peace and it was blissful.

The honey sieve and bucket has now arrived so i have been trying to get things ready to extract some honey from the hives.  This will be a first for us, up until now we have never taken anything from them, but this year they have sufficient stores to share with us.

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