Still Rockin'

By RockArea

River Bovey

I loaded my bike into the van and took it to the bike shop for it's 30 day shakedown service. I figured it was going to rain for a couple of days so it seemed a good time to have it done. 

After that I drove on to find a blip. It's Wide Wednesday (hosted this week by steveng) and the theme is Frame within a Frame. I remembered the Cromwell Arch. It's all that's left of the medieval priory at Bovey Tracey after the monasteries were dissolved. It stands halfway across the road behind the Cromwell Arms. I've photographed it with some of the old town houses behind it. 

I was on my way back to the van when I noticed the river bank behind the co-op, just down from the mill I blipped a few days ago. I walked on to the bank and found myself in a jungle with banks of bamboo. It seemed like a nice little jungle with the river running through it and surprising it's made it to my main blip and the arch has been consigned to being an extra.

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