Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

For the visitor

It was a while since I'd seen Carl, so it was great to welcome him over today. Cloudy and rather chilly conditions meant we couldn't sit outside, so we adhered to social distancing quidelines in my living room.

We chatted about complications he's having with builder and architect with the work being done on his new house. The builders returned on site on 18th May after a seven-week interruption, and he dropped in to check on progress on his way over to me. Bad news from the builder who told him the window suppliers always took three week off in July-August, and that this year would be no different despite the pandemic disruption. This means that the earliest the windows will arrive on site is mid-August.

His architect added further stress by telling him the formal order for the windows needed to be placed now, and asked him to choose a colour for the frames even though there were still outstanding details which the he had promised to consult him about.

I calmed him down as best I could, and brought in coffee and biscuits as we settled down to watch Game Night, a movie we'd been looking forward to watching together. It turned out to be disappointing (the trailer consisted of the best bits).

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