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Colour my world

Only time I left the flat today was for my evening run. Managed to complete my circuit with no walking for the first time since I started jogging again after moving flat - woohoo! Fitness must be improving, although I am sadly yet to shed a single ounce. Let's just hope it's fat being replaced by dense rippling muscle, although the mirror does not seem to back that theory up.

I did pause fleetingly to admire my first swallow of the year, who was swooping and curving around a barn complex that's currently being redeveloped. Last summer it was a ruin and no doubt home to lots of swallows, so let's hope that this year he finds somewhere suitable to raise a family. He was missing a tail streamer, so he'd better spruce himself up a bit first if he wants to find a lady friend.

My friend T and her little girl R don't visit very often, as it's a long drive, so when they do it's a real treat. I finally got round to tidying away the delightful chaos that is always left in their wake (it's been over a week, but I enjoy being reminded of them).

R is 5 and a half and warm as sunshine. She loves singing, dancing and drawing, and as all small children do, comes out with things that make you want to instantly hug them. On this last trip, she asked if I had a favourite thing in the whole world, to which I diplomatically answered that I had several (which of course included her and her Mum, both true). She declared that she had a favourite thing, and it was - "Sums!". She has graduated from pink to mathematics.

She still loves colours though, and I had to take a shot of her latest masterpiece (which I shall call "Take That, Colour! Unfinished poster paint on paper, from the artist's pink and orange and blue and yellow period". Whatever R actually meant it to be, it looks like a punchy boxer to me). I am now really glad that the hoarder in me kept my poster paints from God knows how many years ago.

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