The next big thing.... a series of small things 
Pleased that when I woke early I managed to make lots of progress on emails (although never seem to get to the end of them!), then a fairly productive day of meetings again. Had a nice chat with V at lunchtime comparing notes and thinking about a bike trip this weekend. Fingers crossed for the weather improving - it was cloudy and damp most of today. Really notice the difference in motivation to go outdoors when it's not as sunny as it was in April and May and my step count is suffering. Pushed myself to take a bit of a walk after my last meeting, looking for a blip. Decided to grab this view of McEwan Hall with the almost hidden art work by Susan Collis. I've always really liked this work and it seems appropriate for outside a graduation hall (one day I'll work it into a graduation speech if we ever return to use it!).
Home for supper then worked through prep for tomorrow whilst I had one eye on the Sewing Bee programme. News that England will allow grannies to go and stay with family from Friday......tantalising to know I may soon be able to see the little ones.

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