Steve Kirkham

By SteveKirkham


What you can see are 17 boxes of dialysis fluid. Why have i titled yhis Blip "Waste?" Because all 17 boxes are to be thrown away.

Dialysis fluid comes in various strengths depending on what the renal team decides i need.

Last month they were trying to work out which strength i needed, Green or Yellow; label colours to denote different strengths. Up to then, i had been using 2 yellow bags per night.

They decided that i would use 1 of each, green and yellow, so enough of each fluid was delivered to last the month.

Then they changed their minds and decided to leave me on 2 yellow.

This leaves me with 17 boxes of fluid i am not going to use. Because of NHS rules, these boxes can not he returned and have to bd thrown away.

Like i said Waste.

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