Carolina's journal

By Carolina


Apparently Aria and I are in a bit of trouble.  We were having fun all by ourselves, not bothering anyone, and not by anyone.  This gal (lower left corner) Told us that we shouldn't be where we are because it wasn't safe.  Not sure how the virus is supposed to jump 12 feet or be floating through the air ready to attack everyone as you pass by.  We are in phase 2 and that's good enough for me and should be for her too.   Anyways, she took our picture and was going to report me to someone .   I guess the beach will be staked out by the police for the next several weeks ? 
     OH, well.  We had tons of fun and Aria played somewhat with a little boy named Zac - who spelled his name for us and told us he was a big boy.   I'll put a few in the extras.    I thought this one would work alright for the Wide Wednesday challenge of Frame within a Frame.  I will put a few more Frame within a frame in the extras too.  

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