By PicturePoems

Sugary Cove

When I saw the weather forecast, I didn't expect a walk today. But after two or three inches of rain, the day grew drier. The galeforce winds were still off-putting, so we drove to Dartmouth again, this time to the castle area. We enjoyed a wonderfully sheltered walk above the castle through woodland to Gallants Bower. The views were wonderful in all directions although the light made the horizons somewhat hazy.

Back down to the coastal path where we looked down on Sugary Cove - my main blip. Today's hazy view looking straight out to sea beyond the mouth of the Dart is my Extra, with wild dog roses in the foreground. I think this is the first time ever that we have walked around this area without seeing a soul, until the last five minutes as we returned to the car. It's so weird to see a tourist area deserted in June, even on a blustery day.

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