If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

White Tail.

Currently we have two different Red Squirrels visiting the garden.  You never see them both at the same time but the pelage is so different that in this case them it is easy to tell  apart.  Some of them are very similar and we can only tell if they happen to be of different sexes.  These two individuals are very differently marked.  

White tail as the name suggests has a very light coloured tail to the extent that when it is bounding across the garden the tail looks almost white.  Stripey has the most unusual tail I have ever seen, his tail has a light tip then a large dark stripe across the tail followed by a lighter root.

Fortunately they are both happy to visit the bird feeders, however white tail knows how to use the squirrel feeder.  Stripey on the other hand either hasn't noticed it or hasn't yet learned to use his head to push the lid up.

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