But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


For the last few months, I have been posting a weekly challenge for the camera club to keep members occupied during Nicola's lock-down and, as dictated by protocol,, I've considered it to be my duty to post the first picture. My posting is usually a rushed affair; but the members chose to ignore the idea that they should make the effort to take their entry during the week and find something that approximates to fitting the topics from their extensive archives. Taking the same approach would, of course, make my life a little easier, as I wouldn't have had today's problems.
Firstly the subject was going to be "Red", and I had a truss of tomatoes set aside, but when I came to retrieve them I found that Jnr had been feasting off them and had left me just one; granted it was still on the piece of vine - but it did look lonely. Since there was a pack of peppers in the fridge, I changed the theme to "Orange" and cloned out all the blemishes and wrinkles that come to us all as we age.
Secondly, since there is no black polished furniture in TD Towers, I used a mirror; silly of me really, I should have remembered that mirrors give you a double reflection - particularly obvious when you have an oblique view-point. So that was more cloning to do.

The saving grace is that the challenge is posted on Facebook, so my dodgy repair work may not be noticed.

Ho hum.

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