I made this bathroom cabinet as part of my joinery training course in 1989. There are lots of mistakes - I made the keyholes in the wrong place and had to cut an equivalent shaped piece of wood to fill the hole then start again. The new keyholes are not perfectly upright. I had to add a small bit of wood behind the door so that the locks lined up with the keys. And worst of all, it's monstrous and ugly. But it was good enough for many years until the bathroom was upgraded and this was relegated to the shed.

It has now come from the shed to my new place but it arrived without the keys, which I had stuck firmly with masking tape to the side after I last locked it. I asked the removers. No. I retraced the removal route. No. I even asked daughter to try out her lock-picking skills. No joy.

But today I found the keys. Inexplicably inside the unlocked cabinet. 

So now it has gone up in the unbeautiful bathroom which will be knocked down in six months time and it still miraculously houses the contents of one large removal box. I'm rather fond of it.

I also discovered why the bathroom door was leaning against one of the walls. It didn't fit the doorframe. A bit of planing, a bit of weightlifting, a bit of balancing the door on layers of cardboard, the addition of a third hinge because the frame is so soggy I thought it needed extra support, and I now have a hung door on the room that houses the cabinet. (It's all beginning to sound a bit Tutankhamun.)

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