These are my blue hydrangea. If I took a picture showing them on the other side of the pump house they would by pink.

Took this photo at 7am when it was already 76° with 84% humidity. Ugh! I was outside doing the morning chores of taking care of the cats, birds & squirrels. Being Thursday, the trash (rubbish) was picked up, so I also needed to bring the empty bin back in.

I noticed that UPS had already delivered and it was my new front doormat and I put that out. Looks so good to get rid of the old one.

That little bit outside told me I didn’t want to spend anymore time outside!

I spent time messaging with my Mum and looking for things for her on line and doing some organizing of my beads while doing that.

Finally I took apart the partial bracelet my Mum has sent me and began to do the bracelet for myself. This I did while listening to the weekly national leadership call for MS support group leaders and then on into the evening.

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