By LornaL

Lorna's father Albert's love rival

Stoke Bishop

[Postmarked 5th August 1908]

Dear Mr Carlile

On many occasions just lately I have seen you with Miss W. I cannot think that you know of her betrothal to Mr Bertie L. We have not seen him since Whitsuntide so think he could not have come up for the holidays. When he was here last he told us that he hoped they would announce it last month, but we have not yet heard. I have not written him about it because I know how worried he would be.

Many years ago, at great risk to himself, he rendered me a most opportune assistance, which I shall always remember. We admire him very much and are always interested in his welfare. I am sure you could not have known or understood the state of affairs.

You will excuse my putting any signature.

Yours sincerely.

Lorna’s nephew recently passed this letter on to us. We have no idea of the identity of Mr Carlile, nor of the letter's author. We do know, however, that Miss W is Lorna’s mother Topsie, and Mr Bertie L is Lorna’s father Albert.

Lorna’s parents married in Florida in 1910, two years after this letter was written. We will never know the part (if any) that this anonymous letter played in this happy outcome.

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