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By Sallymair

Bull finch

Friday again, how did that happen?
I went out for my walk around 9.15 this morning the weather didn't live up to last night's spectacular red sky as it was dull and cloudy with quite a cool wind. Still it was dry thank goodness.
Back home I lazed about for the morning.
A came over after lunch. I made a batch of cheese scones, triangular are decreed by the Bero Book and we sat in the garden. She and I walked down to the post office then she headed home. Nice to see her. She had spent the morning in school today trying to work out how to socially distance her class of P3s next session. I do wonder how this is all going to work.
I made a second batch of strawberry jam this afternoon. The jury is out as to whether or not it has set.
The bird feeders on the harm have been so busy today, visits from coal tits, dunnocks, sparrows, bluetits, great tits, blackbirds, bullfinches and at ground level picking up the spillages are the pigeons, both wood and collared. It's unusual to see the bull finches on the feeders but the make and female were both there. I presume they are feeding young nearby.
Lazy evening ahead of us in front of the tv. We'll probably watch the last episode of the Marigold Hotel, or maybe another Vera - dependent on the time. I'm tired though so I may just opt for an early night.
Keep well everybody and stay safe and home. Have you notice that the press down South are getting very upset with us at the moment. The FM is criticised at every turn, I'm still glad to be here and with her in charge.

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