Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


Another lovely sunny day, with not too many biters - and with a visit from Rose (in her 70s) who rode out to us on her bike! She rested a little while, had a drink of squash and coffee and then pedalled all the way back to town. A round trip of getting on for 30 kilometres and up and down some impressive hills - all without an E-bike.

We were gardening most of the day, there is always a lot to do but this year we are very focussed and are getting on well. I planted some of my seedlings out, and have a bunch ready to go in tomorrow. I planted dozens of sunflowers, and have currently precisely 3. Weird, they are supposed to be so easy to grow - this has happened to me before - and they were new seeds, two different sorts. Ho hum, back to the drawing board.

I ripped out a lot of rubbish in amongst plants I will be moving to new spots so we can deep dig the patch and cover it. Things grow as you watch them when the light never falters and they are getting enough water - including all the couch grass, clover, buttercups and ground elder of course. When Rose rode off, we got stuck straight back in, as the evening drew on I suggested a swim. I was filthy, dusty, and very hot!

The water was noticeable warmer this evening, no goose pimples at all. It is a beautiful place to swim, and to sit in the evening sun. It's just a couple of kilometres away, but we drive there as our hill to get home would remove all the calm, clean feelings otherwise. Once home Keith suggested a sit in the garden with a drink, so he repeated yesterdays delicious G&T and we sat in the last bit of sun. As soon as the sun goes, the bugs appear - so we were driven indoors!

But the blip shows exactly how lovely life can be! Look at that blue sky!

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