Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2010. Not so new hobby...

I used to crochet many years ago and made the most intricate designs in table cloths, lacy tops and shawls but haven’t done any crochet for about 35 years.  I spotted this book in Lidl and it had all of the instructions for every crochet stitch (all of which I have forgotten - I even had to look up casting on chains!) so I bought it and a kit of crochet needles (all with special grips for arthritic hands) and I have decided to start doing it again.  I am still knitting but have sort of lost interest in it since lockdown and I have one wee project to finish (which I will no doubt blip) and then I’m going to start making something in crochet.  I will probably start with a little basket I saw in the book but need to acquire some suitable yarn to do it with.  I have no idea when our lovely local wool shop will open or indeed if it will ever again as the lady who ran it was quite elderly and she may have just decided to let it go which will be a real shame.  I must have a look online in the meantime to see if I can buy anything suitable as I need a very chunky cotton type yarn.....any suggestions from fellow crochet fans would be most welcome!

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