Bubble time

Erin is here for the weekend, much joy and jubilation, their mental health has definitely suffered not being able to see one another and also having no other musicians of their own age to play music with and create, they are both doing creative courses which involve collaboration, obviously I’m a musician and Gulliver and I have done some things but at the end of the day I am nearly 55 and I am his mum!

A busy day, I have committed to learning the ukulele and I’m making progress 20 minutes today I now know 8 chords, I also did some DJ practice, helped Gulliver organise a timetable for next week for his work, went to the co-op in the pouring rain, taught my niece songwriting, it was her fifth lesson and she has now been able to compose a melody over her chord structure and we have some lyrics for the chorus, five weeks ago she had never written anything!

We had a lovely curry for dinner and played the Sherlock Holmes game again, the dyslexic amongst us did have some difficulties but overall fun was had and I win lol!

Photo by Zebedee

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