Urban Ramble

I didn't set out on a dog walk with the intention of going via the site of Colston's statue but that's what happened. All calm, quiet, neat and tidy this morning as if nothing had ever happened.

If you are wondering who Stephenson is he's a bit of a Bristol hero.

The only sign that things are different was the lager can toting England top wearing man standing vigil next to the war memorial.

Anyway, the dog had another agenda so I got a coffee, we sat at a bench on Brandon hill and watch the world go by (as did the girl in the extra). This is a magical spot where you can spy the hills around Dundry beyond South Bristol.

It was very quiet so I managed to get a car free shot of Park Street, which is rare, but that shot is a bit of a Bristol cliche so doesn't appear here today.

Year 10 back to school next week and whooping cough finally whoop free (but not cough free). I won't say back to the new normal because I don't like the phrase and this pandemic and this year is not done yet!

The other extra is some street art (on Union Street I think) that I think is great.

Have a relaxing Saturday.

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