Photomuncher's Spot

By photomuncher

A glimpse ...

... of Bonnie Scotland in June.  Shock Horror!

Oh boy - what a day!  Mid afternoon saw Jacqui and I out for our walk and on Torry Beach by the harbour mouth in Aberdeen.  Unfortunately, someone put the lights out. :-)

We still managed to enjoy ourselves with a walk from Torry Battery to the Lighthouse and then a scramble back across the headland cliffs and the beach.  Not entirely wise, but we came to no harm and made it home just as the rain started in earnest.

Some days it dawns on you that you are blessed and able to (still) do (daft) things.

In passing this is my first ever blip that started life as a raw file.  The jpegs didn't show the lighthouse and I had to fiddle to get it to appear.  I am sure others could do much better, but I am pleased I made the effort.  Every journey starts with first (baby) steps. :-)  

I almost forgot to say, the dog was quite a presence. Huge. Newfoundland Hound perhaps? I know not, but boy, he loved the water and retrieved the orange ball time after time from quite far out.  And with a bark that filled the beach. 

Take care all.  

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