Picnicking Pair

So happy to have my laptop back, to do Blip on, and it working properly!

Did the weekly sweep, mop and clean-up, plus washed our bedding, which has dried on the line and is back on our attic mattress. I bought some golden linen pillowcases and cotton summer duvets, which I'll take back with us, and new pillows, which I won't.

Then all of us went on an impromptu visit to Jim and Grace's with some of Paul's birthday cake, and a quickly made up picnic from the bread Mike had baked. Ended up in Pype Hayes Park, by the carpark; was amazed at the views from there, you wouldn't believe we were in the middle of a huge city, layers and layers of trees into the distance.

The weather was so good, we decided to walk home from there along the Newhall Valley. Mike and Paul took the car and met us further on, the kids did brilliantly. I was ready for a lie down when we got in. Extra of a robin that entertained us while the kids played in the water in their jelly sandals.

And now it's thundering - we did see a mackerel sky - and lightning and a rainbow.

- washing drying on the line again, after ages, and dramatic weather now
- a really good walk, all of us together
- the prospect of fish and chips in a bit - Sabbath treat

(Have added a couple of extras to the Cotswold snail Blip, now I have my laptop and can.)

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