Reikes small life...

By Reike

The Mürtschenstock

One of my favourite mountains here in the area - just so nice to look at from whatever direction. Here's the view as seen from the Nüenchamm, 1'904m, which is peak 15 bagged by me this year :) 

I was hiking with a new friend. He must think I am an utterly confused person! I was like 'Oh, I forgot the dog's collar and lead!', 'Oh, I forgot my wallet. Shit, can you pay for the chairlift for us and Djeili?', 'Hey, do you want Jalapenos with your Raclette? You love Jalapenos? Great, but I just realized that I must have forgotten them as well.'. Oh dear, I might be a bit stressed and forgetful at the moment...  

More pictures here.

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