By TheOttawacker

Somebody is in deep trouble...

At around 9.30 p.m., I looked up from whatever mindless entertainment we were watching and was about to offer Mrs. Ottawacker the benefit of my wisdom on some subject or other, when my eyes fell upon a circular mark on her prized coffee table. 

For some reason, it seemed to match exactly the size and shape of the whisky glass I was holding in my hand. We have a strict coaster/mat policy when it comes to Mrs. Ottawacker’s Coffee Table, to which capital letters must be strictly applied. In fairness, I did look, but I think Ottawacker Jr. had been designing some sort of defensive rampart around his garbage truck collection with them, as there were none in sight. And so, I had placed my glass on the table without giving it a second thought.

Thankfully my wife is generally a kind and understanding person. Usually. And I like to think she was particularly impressed that I didn’t try to place the blame on Ottawacker Jr.

Today’s music: Summer's End by John Prine (from The Tree of Forgiveness)

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