nogbad's blips

By nogbad


The sun came out so I decided to get out and grab some fresh air. I didn't have a plan but ended up heading for the exotic and mysterious Isle de Sheppey. Once there I decided to go to Leysdown to have a walk along the sea wall but it was rammed, nowhere to park, so I went on towards Shellness. The lane is poorly made with a high bank on the left which is part of the sea defences. Again, not many places to park so I grabbed one when I saw it.

Out I got and grabbed my camera and binoculars - there is a bird reserve at Shellness and there might have been some interesting stuff around. I locked the car, crossed the lane and scrambled up the bank.

I knew that there was a naturist beach on Sheppey but I didn't know where it was - I do now. I have no problem if folk want to enjoy the sun while in the nip but I had a sense that they might not welcome a fat old bloke with a camera and binoculars so I threw a swift reverse ferret and went back down the bank to the car.

As I drove back towards Leysown someone moved out so I was able to park up for a bit of a stroll and grab some images.

Then home because I had stuff to do. As I came through the village I saw that Rowan was working at the pub so I stopped to say hello.

First thing I did when I got in was to get the electric clippers out and run a number 3 all over - it feels so much better and will do for a while. My hair had got so long and straggly that I had to wear a cap when driving to keep it out of my face.

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