These short, short winter days

...blink and you miss them. Well, not quite, but that's how it feels sometimes! I don't think I could live in the Arctic Circle; we have nine hours of daylight here at the moment and that feels as though it's gone in a flash. Which is strange, because Bahrain has short days in winter, but it didn't seem to bother me there, perhaps because nights are busy, busy, busy in the Gulf! At sunset, you get the feeling that everyone is coming out to do stuff, rather then hurrying home. In Bahrain summer, the sun rises at around 4am and sets at 7pm (they really ought to have Daylight Saving there!)
Today featured more birthday-related activity: taking Alexander, Simone and Ronan to the cinema for the birthday treat I promised them a couple of weeks ago. They wanted to see The Call of the Wild and, as it happened so did my friend S., who likes children's movies about dogs. Christina was also keen, as the costume designer for the film was someone she has worked with on several jobs. So we were a party of six. We picked up the kids at 12.45 and set off into town, where we met S. at the cinema, and she insisted on buying the childrens' ice creams.
I enjoyed the film (I've been known to fall asleep in kids' movies in the past, if I wasn't enjoying them – The Grinch is one that springs to mind!) and we thought the costumes were excellent. I had to explain to S. afterwards that the dog, Buck, was a CGI creation as she was convinced it was real and had been trained to perform amazing feats! I also pointed out to the children that their dad had met the human hero (Harrison Ford) in real life in Taupo Airport last year, and directed him to the loo!  
By the time we'd dropped the three of them home again and stayed for a cup of tea, we had to race back in order to get the sheets off the line before the sun set and they became damp (it's also very cold!). And that was the day gone.

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