By dunkyc


I choose this photo, because the one I was going to use was of me, post-run, sweating like a ..........sweaty person with a tea towel wrapped around my head because I thought I was never ever going to stop sweating. Ever.

Now having had the time and space to cool down, I thought I would share with you my view as I blip this evening. I've moved a few things around in my house, which is now coming together quite nicely and seems to have  a nice flow to it.

With the dining table placed under the window, the light which was previously blocked by a bank of monitors is free to stream into the back room of an afternoon and evening. This also allows breakfast to be spent looking out onto the backyard and watching the birds feast.

I may have become an old man before my time, but you know what? I'm comfortable with it and dare I say.....at peace with myself.

Progress, people. Progress.

If it carries on like this, it won't be long before I pick up a paint brush and start tidying the ol' place up a bit.

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