By suehutton

Tulips past their best

The tulips I bought a couple of weeks ago in Tesco are heading out but that's when they become really interesting with the structure of the stem and petals. I must correct the background and the tone is too blue. Edit: I've replaced the photo.

I settled down to this when Len took Basil out for a walk at 7.30 pm. Earlier, Basil and I had strolled round Dishley Pool. Everywhere is verdantly green. The cygnets have all grown. Just a couple of mallard ducklings swimming with their Mum.

Much to my delight, by proceeding down a narrow path to the reeds, one comes across an area where the demoiselle damselflies are skittering. Lots of azure damselflies too.

A group of six (good number) young Asian men had come for a picnic bbq. Their music was extremely loud. By the time Basil and I reached them, they had totally reduced the volume but they gave me a bit of a look. They must have seen me taking a photo of them from the other side of the pool.

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