A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Mono Monday 334 :: MM334 :: Hectic

I guess I won't be the first to show a little critter to give an example of hectic but is it hectic to continually buzz about on a constant search for pollen? It must be just plain normal for them.

Up to this point in the day my life had not been hectic. The effort to declutter my house has taken its toll and I was having a break from it all.

That was until I received an email at 1.08 pm saying my house was now officially on the market. A 2.04 pm I was notified of our first booking for 5.45 pm! At 2.20 pm I received another call saying a second booking had been taken for 5.30 pm...

We had the house 'photo' ready since Friday when the estate agent took the brochure images. It had been hard keeping it that way, a quick rush around was needed! Unlike our last move 26 years ago the agents were to do all the showing around, we would take a drive. 

We await feedback but we're told to expect about 10 viewings a week as the market is quite good in our area at the moment. Time will tell.

A request.

I am due to be Mono Monday host during July. I think I may be too distracted to do a good job. Is there a kind soul out there who might like to give it a go?  ;o)

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