MM: Hectic Eclectic

This is a madly busy picture. At first I thought it would have been better if the window hadn't had glass in it (!) because of the reflections, but in fact they add to the hectic nature of the image – and the theme for MM this week IS 'Hectic' (thanks, Laurie54!  I actually WAS in a bar last Monday, which is unusual for me, but I couldn't blip it because it would have given away a secret…)
I've blipped Eclectic's window twice before, if memory serves. One was a Christmas window, and the other was filled with taxidermy. There are always many taxidermied animals and birds in this Aladdin's cave of brac-a-brac, antiques and curios (quite a few in this image, even, including a Canada Goose). I could spend have spent hours poking around in here over my eight years in Nelson; there have been other blips of unusual items for sale, and even of things that I've bought, on occasion. The proprietor – she of the amazing hair – took some of M-i-L's things when the house was sold a couple of years ago.
Has it been a hectic day? Maybe, by just now's standards! In the morning I finally had my chiropractic appointment, deferred from late March. I hadn't realised until I got to Richmond that I hadn't actually seen Hamish since before my throat op! Then it was on to Sunny Days, where I collected the dog and took her for a damp walk along the Railway Reserve to Isel Park. On my return to the house, I had some lunch and then we decided to go into town, as I had to post Immy's parcel of recently-arrived books to her, and Christina wanted to browse sweaters. If it hadn't been for the MM challenge, the first extra would have had to have been the blip.
Coffee in Morrison Street Café was followed by a few minutes in Eclectic, and then I had to walk down to the Council offices to renew Naani's dog registration. (I can confirm that the bust of Admiral Lord Nelson was still in-situ, though he was wearing a leather bush hat atop his Naval bicorn!) From there, I proceeded to the supermarket – no queues any more, thank goodness! – to pick up some chicken for dinner, and 'auntie' Christina kindly bought a fleecy blanket to add further winter luxury to Ted's outdoor hutch.
I must apologise to readers in other parts of the world for what seems to me like a mundane description of my day but which, in fact, offers a glimpse into life in the 'normal' world.  If it's any consolation, it was damp and foggy all day and we finished the evening by watching two episodes of the depressing Netflix documentary, Filthy Rich – Jeffrey Epstein.  What a despicable man he seems to have been. 

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