POG's Journal


I am not a number… I’m POG!

Hi Everyone,

I had a nice day off from the world yesterday… Fitbit contacted me as they could see my heart was still beating but could not understand why there were no steps.

So today not too much has been done of any use to be truthful. I went to the supermarket for supplies, thought I would freestyle it and not take a list… Not a good plan as when I was unpacking, I looked in the cupboards and it looks like I’m going to have some weird meals this coming week.

I was wondering if anyone reading this have heard of the word “Knackler” and what do you believe it means… I believe the origins are from Yorkshire.  

The photo is of two toolroom tally’s that I found in an old toolbox. Not all engineers have every tool so the company they work for have tools they can borrow. The engineer would have a set of tally’s (in my case No 46), when you wanted to borrow a tool you would give the Storeman / Storewomen the tally in exchange for the tool that way they would always know who’s got the tool. When you returned it to the stores you got your tally back.

Stay happy, strong, and healthy… more tomorrow.


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