It's back....

These tulips aren't looking quite as splendid as they were a couple of weeks ago but, as all blippers know, they're just as interesting when they're "past it". The light was poor today, though – another grey, damp day.
Purple, or really indigo, seems to be my colour for today. I took myself off to the mega hardware store (pretending to be Nicky, perhaps?!) and purchased a small test pot of paint in a colour called Chrystalle, and a sheet of plywood. This entailed going into the trade part of the store, with forklifts and beeping and men in high-viz vests, and the scent of sawdust. It was quite exciting. Then I came home, and found Christina working on the sampler she's sewing as a (very belated) wedding gift for a friend. She's adapted the camera tripod to be a sampler-holder – something about cramp in her hands! – so these pics had to be taken hand-held.
The six o'clock news brought the bad news that, after twenty four days of no new cases of the virus in the country, there are two today. Two women who flew in from the UK to visit their dying parent were allowed compassionate leave to get out of quarantine in Auckland early, and drove themselves to Wellington, apparently on one tank of petrol (?!), with comfort stops at the side of the road. The parent had died the night before they set off, as I understand it; they weren't tested before they left the quarantine centre but have both now developed symptoms and been tested in Wellington. 
Whilst I feel sorry for their loss, I'm exasperated – as are most people in the country, I imagine – that this situation was totally mismanaged. Quarantine should mean quarantine, i.e. NO going ANYWHERE until your quarantine period is up, and you should be tested and return a negative result before you are allowed to leave the quarantine centre. PM Jacinda took to Facebook Live this evening to talk about the situation, which she feels is unacceptable. 
Compassionate Leave for people in quarantine has been suspended with immediate effect – good. Apparently two teenagers who were also given leave on compassionate grounds to attend a funeral in Hamilton 'ran off' afterwards and failed to return to quarantine, though they have since been located.  The country was nearly at the 28-day mark (two complete cycles, CoVid-free) but now we have to wind the clock back to zero.

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