Dusk on Sumner Beach

..... so beautiful being there. Unforgettable. I’m adding a panorama to Extras. Hard to know which one to choose!

The fallout from yesterday’s 2 new Covid-19 cases included our PM saying that this must never happen again. The official info is that they drove direct from Auckland to Wellington, without stopping for fuel or toilet. I find that very hard to believe, knowing that route well. And apparently they got lost getting out of AKL. And were tested positive when they got to WGN. Bizarre.

320 close contacts have been noted and are to be contacted. There’s a family contact as well. Sigh. It didn’t need to happen and there’s quite a backlash in NZ. Yes of course they wanted to be with their parent (now deceased) but there’s a greater good here - a whole nation’s well being is at stake.

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