By trisharooni

Nature - In the Mist - Blackheath

Had trouble choosing, so have added two extras.
They are all trees in the mist, and although quite different were within 1 kilometre of each other.

The eucalypts in the main blip were not burnt in the recent fires, but the first extra shows badly burnt bush.  Regeneration is happening, and the situation is not as grim as it appears. Normally there would be wattle scattered through the bush, and I have blipped it a few times.
This one is in the same spot. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to reappear.  No sign at all yet.

The second extra is of radiata, or Monterey pines in a neighbour's place.
They are introduced and are much despised, and were planted mainly as wind breaks.
Nobody would plant them now, as the seed is easily dispersed by the wind and birds and they crowd out natives.
They certainly look pretty in the mist though.

Thanks for hosting, Freyjad.

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