Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Leucanthemum vulgare

We went back to the lodge today to finish the lawn after yesterday's thunderstorm. This morning's sun had dried the strimmed hay so I was able to finish raking it up. The Man managed to get the lawn cut with the mower.

It's a difficult site and was hard work this week. We're older, it was such a hot day, the land slopes steeply and the clampdown on unnecessary travel had meant the vegetation had got quite tall.

It was a big surprise to find that three big clumps of dog-daisies had sprung up since I was last here. I bit ironic if we cut them down as we had been meaning to create a wildflower meadow in part of the garden this spring. The Man mowed round them!

Always a favourite wild flower of mine. Apparently leucanthemum are sometimes called Gowans which was a family name.

Lockdown Day 86 Good thing today:  Remembering my camera and getting a dog-daisy shot.

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