Feeling the effects of all yesterday’s exercise....definitely aching legs (good sign mind you!). Another quiet fairly productive meeting/screen based day. Started by shifting to work at the desk in the sitting room, which initially felt much more comfortable but after about half an hour typing I realised it wasn’t any better so retreated again to a combination of propped on the the sofa and standing up. In one meeting a woman was in full flow presenting a report when a little girl dressed head to toe as Cinderella drifted into view behind her and flitted around, then interrupted to say she was hungry. L paused and told her to go and ask Daddy to get her lunch, and off she trotted, only to return 5 minutes later to say that ‘Daddy’s on a meeting too’....COVID family life!
Didn’t get outside again today, but good to see the haar finally lifted and it looked lovely in the afternoon. Lets hope it stays that way!
Very much an emergency blip when I realised at the end of the evening that I had nothing in the can....this is an orchid I was given for my birthday in early March and it’s lasted really well!

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