Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Bridge to nowhere

Saw 4 squirrels at the same time this morning much to Kilda’s delight. She didn’t know which one to look at first and still managed to stalk only one, letting it get up the tree before running after it. Before heading out with RD for some more filming I managed to get the final coats on the balloons, recycling shelf and the soap dish, also put some icing on the Bakewell tart but it seemed a bit runny. After that headed down to meet RD to direct the third but what will be the 4th and last instalment of this photo tips videos. Started at North Berwick but the haar had come in so we had to move to Dunbar and the bridge to nowhere. Lots on noisy kid made it a bit difficult but we managed to get it in the can. The second location today was no good along with South Queensferry so he called a halt to filming early. In the meantime Kilda somehow got close enough to the Bakewell tart to lick some on the icing off the top. J only found out when she saw her sat on the stairs with her face covered in it. 

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