A bit more unlocked

Blobby flowers through the raindrops on the window. The pink fluffiness belies the sort of day it's been.
Pretty wet today. I've spent far more time on this than I intended to.

Went to Stratford today to take something for repair. What a dispiriting experience. Pouring with rain nobody at the few takeaway coffee places which were open, only a few people in the shops as far as I could see. Most of the shops still closed. 
The saddest thing I saw was a homeless man( I imagine he was anyway ) lying on a bench in the  pouring rain , completely inadequately clad, calling out, shaking from head to foot and blue with cold, it's only about 13C today.  A couple of women were calling an ambulance for him and when I went back he had gone and just a pile of cigarette ends remained where he had been lying. Can't stop thinking about it.

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