Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham


Life seems one big blur at the minute...if it weren’t for the daily challenges here I doubt I’d ever know what day of the week it was!

Another overcast day due to the east coast haar though it was warm and humid. I made some more headway in the shrubbery...more firs, decorative grasses and ferns bit the dust! Sadly as the garden was planted from scratch about 30 years ago a lot of the shrubs are past their best, others have been compromised by the over planting and no pruning seems to have’s definitely the right time for a major overhaul! Extra shows what it looks like today!

Most of the grass here has been mown to within an inch of its life but one patch hasn’t been touched all year...I’ve been meaning to photograph the grass heads, today was the day!

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday.

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