My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd

Bumble the Bee

Out for a walk & we spotted this large Bumble Bee struggling on the ground.
My daughter allowed him to walk onto her Mobile phone; the wind was lovely for us but not for a weak Bumble Bee.
I covered her phone with the Bee with a "Poo" bag & held it gently all the way home where we put some Maple Syrup & water into a saucer & took the Bee out near flowers & gently put him on the saucer, but he wasn't interested & slowly walked off & climbed onto the flowers.
We then picked Bindweed flowers which he happily climbed into where he licked the nectar & got pollen all over his furry body. So cute. :)
We then decided to let him climb into a Foxglove flower & he climbed happily from flower to flower & we saw him clean his wings & body.
We are so glad we saved this Beautiful Bee, we were afraid he may have got squashed if we had left him on the ground. 

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