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Steering Cyclists (and other road users)

One of the responsibilities of the political committee I am now on is traffic in town, and there is a fairly major reorganisation in progress of how the traffic will work. Basically the aim is to make it much easier to cycle and walk in town, and meeting that aim may make it slightly less convenient to drive, but may also make life easier for car-drivers, even if it takes them a couple of minutes longer to complete their journeys.
Our committee was treated to a tour around the various areas by the professionals working for the council and they showed us how their thinking was progressing, what sort of problems have to be solved, and some possible solutions.
Just here the road has been raised slightly and a new surface laid down. That, together with the ramp, signals to road users that cyclists and pedestrians have right-of-way here. It’s one of the few places that is actually in action, most of the plans are just plans at the moment until we find out if a couple of key points are technically possible and affordable. The whole project, includes a new road bridge, which should be completed bý 2026.
It was really interesting to walk around town with knowledgeable engineers and planners. I learned a lot about the town and how planning these changes can be mostly win-win solutions and that most road users are happiest is they have a choice of routes.
This was our first face-to-face meeting since Covid-19 arrived. Walking around town we were able to spread out and the indoor meeting used a large lecture hall giving us plenty of room so all that felt safe. Lunch was another matter - I think it’ll be a while before I eat out again.
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