By KatesGardenPDX

After the Rain.....

...the gardens were just superb in this absolutely perfect June weather. Crystal blue skies, a light breeze and full on sun. The temperature reached 78 F (25 C) this afternoon...perfect for me! 

I spent much of the day working on my remote class that starts next week. Today I learned how to insert audio clips into PowerPoint slides, then save it as a movie and upload into YouTube so that the students, with a link, can view a flawless video of a lecture on plant taxonomy and binomial names...oh joy you must be thinking! I'm happy to share the link :-)

I got out to the garden late afternoon and worked for a while. Mostly I planted a bunch of perennials I bought yesterday morning, and tidied up. This Osteospermum is blooming again and it's just a lovely one, glowing in the afternoon sun.

So glad you all liked my sky photo from yesterday's trip to Sauvie Island. I'll reply to your comments later tonight!

Happy Thursday! 

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