A new era

The Rower and I have arrived in the third age.  You might think I am talking about the three ages of life - youth, middle age and old age.  Nope, not that. 

The first age was when our home wasn't smart.  It was quite dumb in fact.  If we wanted to talk to each other we - gasp - actually had to walk from one room to another and see each other in person. 

Then we got to the age of the remote control;  Boy, did we think it was spiffy.  We didn't have to get up from the chair to change TV channels.   And the mobile phone arrived.

And finally ... finally.  The house has become smart.  Very smart.  Barely a wire in sight.  It does things when you tell it to.  You don't have to get up and switch a light on or off. 

Just tell Alexa.

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