Rural Landscape

This scene is down the road a bit, that tree has been blipped quite a bit over my ten years of blipping. 
I've put up an extra......the rural mailman delivered a letter from Lexi in Townsville this sweet and special, so after my ladies departed, we Facetimed her to thank you.  Her reply was "will you now send me a letter Nana" - I reckon we can manage that, there could even be something more as well.
With the mess up with our isolation/testing debacle, it is now very unlikely we will be able to get to her 5th birthday in late August, and sadly our family Christmas in the Bay of Islands is looking very doubtful *sad face*

Its been a busy and social early start in the kitchen, as I hosted our districts Craft Group this morning, which drifted well into the afternoon.  We sat and talked mainly, ate yummy foods, drank coffee and repeat, repeat (aswedo).


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