Pictures & Woodwork.

By PeterB

A Lavetaria Flower. FF19-2020

     More flowers to appear yet. This is one of the first to show. 
Glad we are having some rain at last to water to the garden, but when it rains, it doesn't half chuck it down. At the moment we have some sunshine but there is rather a strong breeze and I hoped I got these shots reasonably sharp. 
     Extras Red lilly and a Hydrangea. 
Much more colour in the garden again.

This is my entry for flowers on Friday which I have not done for a while. Many thanks to Biker Bear for hosting.

     I have now finished my research on the Vienna Style Clock, I am going to make and will be purchasing the Clock movement etc and the necessary wood to make the cabinet around it. When I have these I will blip them .
It has taken time, but the movement is not cheap but is of the highest quality and am glad to say the supplier lives in Hampshire which is very convenient. Sorry for the delay. It is not a project to rush.

Hope you are all well. 
Stay safe and take care.

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