Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2016. Flower Collage

Saw these wet little flowers on my second walk into town today.  My first was to meet a friend for a coffee and the second to return my hearing aids which seem to have stopped working properly.  Boots were fine about it and I phoned for an appointment at lunchtime and got one for 2pm today.  Thankfully I have a spare set of hearing aids to use until my newer ones come back.  Boots advised me to phone Apple first as I was having Bluetooth connectivity issues with the hearing aids and they were fine and made some good suggestions to test the hearing aids with another phone, which I did, but no difference.

I also managed to get through to the OU too and it’s not quite as simple as we’d thought for my son to switch to an alternative degree, it looks as though he will have to complete this one and perhaps consider doing a Masters in Cyber Security as believe it or not it would take three years longer to complete a honours degree in Cyber Security than it would take to finish his current IT & Computing degree and to complete a Masters....

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