By simisue

AGAPANTHUS: Lily of the Nile

AGAPANTHUS is so commonly planted in Southern California, that you might think it is native.  It is actually native to South Africa & was once considered  to be a "magical" plant with medicinal qualities, used to tread a variety of ailments.  They came to Europe with the explorers of Africa.

It may be popular in California because it is low maintenance, drought resistant,  & has few diseases or pest.  And it is beautiful in masses of spectacular blue or white flower clusters, (See EXTRA) or a single stem in a vase.  They bloom in Summer, so I am seeing them everywhere I go, right now.

In Michgian, they were considered an expensive, tender perennial & used
rarely in pots; because they cannot survive the harsh Winters there.
They were rarely used where we lived, but are, nevertheless, great in pots.

The common name of this plant, LILY OF THE NILE, is a good example why Latin names are more accurate.  Agapanthus is not a lily & 
is native far from the Nile River.  It fact it is more closely related to the

In any setting, & any color combination, AGAPANTHUS is a 
Welcome to Summer.

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