Raspberry Pi

Today was a Hampshire LUG meeting at Southampton University. Since I'm no longer chairman I don't have to go every meeting, but today was a day to go. It was a good meeting and I should say "thank you" to the new Chairman and our host for the day.

The blip for the day is the fantastic Raspberry Pi. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a British designed (and in some cases assembled) credit card sized single board computer. The core is a tiny British designed* ARM processor with all the other bits and bobs required on a single processor chip. The idea is that you buy it cheap and hack it to understand how a computer really works rather than just "pointing and drooling" - which is how many computer users (Macs in particular) are described by those within the IT community.

(back blip)

* Yes I know the that design of the processor core is British but the actual design and construction of the specific processor isn't, but there is damn little else to be proud of in the UK that I have to big it up when I can...

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