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By HarlingDarling

Midsommar, or mid-summer's eve. Open door policy.

In Sweden the eve is the big thing, not the day. So Christmas eve, Easter eve, and of course Mid-summer's eve are celebrated, the day itself is the poor relation. We are in a period of permanent high pressure and are enjoying the riviera of the north to the full. We have been outside all afternoon, eating and drinking, talking and laughing and I have just washed up from the first onslaught I mean courses. It's all about fish, herring and pickled, salted, fried herring and smoked salmon which I cut into wafer thin slices with my newly sharpened blade. I feel so ethnic and earthy when I get into that frame of mind.

Delicious shared table with only good things on it, and only good friends around it. The ever intrepid Rose biked out again, stopped for a drink of water and a chat and tried Lasse's bread - before hopping on her bike and cykling home. None of us who were not born and brought up here really "get" midsommar. It is a HUGE thing here, and is loaded with expectations and tends to disappoint with useless outdoor conditions and family squabbles. We are very lucky to be spared all that. Keith is wearing his "Nigerian knicker suit" forced onto him by a large and loud Nigerian seller of clothes in a street market in Brixton i think. You are tall, you can have this knicker, she screamed! He bought it in a state of amazement and some fear I think!

The pals are off walking Mika the dog, and I have spent time watering my growing things, No rain forecast at all for the next 10 days means this will be the job of every evening. I have baked a rhubarb sort of crumble. I didn't use a recipe so who knows how it will be, as my Mum used to say "It's only got good things in it, so it should be good"! We shall see.

Thank you so much for like-ing and heart-ing the photo from yesterday, it was a glorious time of day and a very good shot of the water, the sparkles and a happy me - but I was surprised to find it on page 2 of the popular pages. You are very generous! No swim today, but a very long yoga session that left me hot and bothered, so all is well on the health front and the 10,000 steps will shortly be in the bag. It's good to know that my normal day involves well over that many steps, and I am in motion every hour almost all the time. 

Summer solstice, what a magical time it can be. How many years have we been rained off, shivered manfully in icy blast and wished we were indoors? The year Dad and Joan visited we wore wellies to protect ourselves from the deep mud of the rainstorm. Fog rolled in when we tried to eat outdoors, so we came in and lit a fire! This year it is magical in a very real way. The biters are out in force of course, but by now we are not reacting as much to them. Life is good. Hope it is bringing you some delights this weekend!

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