Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Pea souper

We woke up to a pea souper this morning.  I love how everything becomes so quiet in the fog.  You feel like everything is wrapped in cotton wool.   The fog brought to life a myriad of spider webs in the crepe myrtle, so a quick shot before knuckling in for the day.

This week would have been the busiest I have had since starting my secondment but I pretty much got everything done even though it meant working to late at night to do it.   I downed tools at about 5.30 today.  Hamish had his last carprofen injection in the course of 4.  I think he is better.  His right hip I think is the worst of it.  We will see how he goes with fish oil, gentle exercise and the meloxicam.  Hopefully this will ease any pain and make his life more comfortable.

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