By Ridgeback13


Spent the morning catching up on work and chatting to Kt whilst T was at golf. Wet and windy - not great - but we were happy drinking tea and quietly doing some sorting, especially as I had quite a headache.
After T got home we did a tour of his garden looking at all the plants and him telling me the story behind each one. I think he'd be happy never having to go back to work and we talked over various options he's been considering. He feels a bit old to be retraining and starting again (the woes of the mid-30s!) but isn't too worried...he knows he'll make something work out.
We had some lunch and then I had a video Board meeting before we headed over to see AR and Mx. Sooo lovely to just spend time playing and chatting to them, mainly in the garden which was looking good even if not quite as flower filled as T's!. They started off dressed as a superhero and skeleton but their costumes slipped and swapped and got discarded as the afternoon went on, and their was a lot of rough and tumble with Higgs the dog....they're like 3 puppies together,
Snatches of chat with Mt&H between cups of tea, about their plans to move house (seems the offer on theirs has been renewed) and generally how they've been coping through the lockdown. A&N came round after she finished work and there was more chat and tea. So nice to be around people and just to see them and hear all their news - even if we all had to keep our distance from each other. FaceTime isn't a patch on this.
Fish and chip supper from the local takeaway at T&Kt's - vast quantity! - then knitted whilst we watch gardener's world and a daft but funny film.
What a change and a tonic today's been.

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