By amandoAlentejo

Equinoctial Excursion

Celebrated the longest day of the year - 16 hours and 38 minutes here - by taking a walk with Mike from Hopwas to Whittington along the canal, about seven miles all told. 

This boat was called Manatee; a creature we saw fairly frequently where I grew up in the Amazon (peixe-boi = fish-bull), and about which the locals had several legends.

Special moments as we sat eating our lunch in the woods - a juvenile robin stayed the whole time right next to us, hopping right up to the log we were sitting on.

- sunlight coming and going, and only a few sprinkles of rain
- time to talk and think about what lies ahead (if ferry not cancelled)
- the beauty of England in the summer, and being able to walk for miles along canals, with the gorgeous old bridges along the way

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